Oslo: The Best Bars For a First Date

Oslo: The Best Bars For a First Date

Picking the perfect spot for a first date can be tricky to say the least  – especially if it’s a Tinder date (which most dates tend to be these days) and you have no idea what kind of person you are meeting. We have created a list of the perfect bars for a first date in Oslo – so you have a little selection to choose from when you’re next faced with the question: ‘Do you know of a cool bar?’.

Image Via:  Torggata Botaniske

Torggata Botaniske 

We love this adorable bar for a first date! Not only do they serve the most delicious cocktails (which we all know can be a genius ice breaker), the place is filled with plants (hence the ‘Botaniske’) to make you feel like you’re in a botanical garden. Or maybe not, but we love plants. The clientele are all kinds of people, anything from first dates to friends catching up, which gives the place a casual and relaxed vibe.

Image Via:  @magnus_norsett

Image Via: @magnus_norsett

Andre Til Høyre

This is one of the most recent additions to Oslo’s night scene and the absolute perfect spot for a first date. The idea is to make you feel like you’re in someone’s apartment; you can enjoy a glass of wine served by the kitchen counter or stop by the bar and get a g&t – before you soak into one of the comfy sofas in the “living room”and listen to The Rolling Stones (or some equally cool tunes playing in the background). The dim lighting, relaxed atmosphere and cool vibe makes it the perfect spot to get to know your date.

Image Via:  Hvaskjer

Image Via: Hvaskjer


If you’re a bit anxious about dating, Hvaskjer might be the perfect location to calm your nerves (on a weekday though, it gets super busy on the weekends). First of all, the place is huge, and second of all, the lighting is dimmed, providing plenty of opportunities for hiding away in a dark corner. Hvaskjer is also great if you want to do mix a casual drink with some fun, as they have a gaming room with shuffle boards upstairs.

Image Via:  OsloVelo

Image Via: OsloVelo

Oslo Velo

Oslo Velo is located in the upper part of Grünerløkka, which naturally gives it a cool, casual and chill vibe. If your date is into bicycles, this is the perfect spot since the place is also a bicycle repair shop. However, there is no need to have an excessive interest in bicycles to have a great time at this place. The place is super cosy inside, and in the summer you can even sit in on the benches along the walls of the bar outside, which is quite romantic.

Image Via:  The Thief

Image Via: The Thief

The Roof At The Thief

If you’re feeling like getting dressed up and sipping on a fancy cocktail in the sun – head to the roof top bar at The Thief Hotel. The hotel is the best one in town, so their roof top bar doen’t exactly disappoint either. The vibe is cool, and it’s one of those places that make you feel like you’re not in Oslo, but in London or New York. Order a delicious cocktail and soak up the views while getting to know your date.

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