Oslo: The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Spots in Town

Oslo: The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Spots in Town

Oslo’s vegan and vegetarian café and restaurant scene is on the rise, and new spots are popping up all over town. We’ve created a list of our favorites, and whether you identify as a vegan, a vegetarian, a pescatarian or none of those – we strongly recommend heading to the following healthy hot spots to indulge in some meat free deliciousness.

Image Via:  Blended Foods

Image Via: Blended Foods

Blended Foods

Rosenborggata 9 A.

Neighborhood: Majorstuen

Other Branches: No

Blended Foods is a (fairly) new addition to the up and coming vegan/vegetarian scene in Oslo (they opened in January 2018). The café is run by a team of nutritionists/naturopaths, and the food being tasty andhealthy is of large importance to them – as well as the appearance of the food (which they have nailed). Blended Foods is located next to Corebalance Pilates and Yoga Center, and the large windows and calm atmosphere gives you the feeling of being far far away from the city center with all its people and traffic. When the weather allows it, the backyard is open for you to enjoy your meal outside in the sunshine.

The menu contains a wide selection of plant based, gluten free and raw items for you to enjoy; they serve matured nut “cheese” on ryebread, coconut yoghurt, smoothies and salads, as well as cold pressed juices, raw cakes, golden lattes and coffee. They also produce their own a selection of items for your to bring with you back home, such as nut “cheese”, granola or raw bars.

Image Via: KUMI Oslo

Image Via: KUMI Oslo


Schweigaards gate 56 A, Oslo.

Neighborhood: Gamlebyen

Other Branches: No

KUMI is the most recent addition to Oslo’s vegan/vegetarian scene. Not only is their food super tasty; the delicate minimalistic interior, subtle choice of colors and large windows (with the option of enjoying your meal outside) makes the experience of visiting and absolute delight. KUMI has a large focus on sustainability; they are “plastic free” and all take away cups and boxes are recyclable, as well as they only use organic and locally sourced ingredients.

In terms of the menu, they serve a selection of vegan and vegetarian lunches, in addition to cakes, wraps and chia pudding, fresh coffee, cold pressed juices, lemonades and wine/beer.  We recommend going for the avocado toast accompanied by a Green Tropic juice or a raspberry lemonade.

Image Via:  Line Dammen

Image Via: Line Dammen


Ullevålseien 82, Oslo

Neighborhood: Adamstuen

Other Branches: Egertorget

OSLO RAW has this refreshing approach to health; eat cake for breakfast with natural and raw ingredients without gluten, refined sugar or dairy. The café in Adamstuen is constantly filled to the brink with people enjoying anything from their delicious raw cakes and chia puddings to pink lattes, salads and fresh smoothies. “Life is all about pleasure, and we want to make it a habit to celebrate the weekday and eat raw goodies all day without any guilt” – we couldn’t agree more.

They recently opened a second branch at Egertorget – beautifully decorated with Scandinavian design furniture inside, and an outdoor area for you to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or treat in the middle of Karl Johan. Oh, and FYI – all their take away cups are recyclable so you don’t need to feel guilty about grabbing a golden latte to go. Their Acai Bowl is absolutely delicious and their granola is literally to die for – also, their super tasty raw cakes are can be enjoyed at The Well, Lett, Hiyoga, Liebling and Oslo K.

Image Via:  Lett

Image Via: Lett


Klingenberggata 7, Oslo.

Neighborhood: Vika

Other Branches: Frogner, Majorstuen, Aker Brygge, Sjølyst, Steen & Strøm

Having been around for a while now, Lett is one of our go-to spots for a quick, easy and delicious meat free lunch or light dinner. Lett is a salad/wrap bar where you have the option of choosing from their long list of ready-made recipes – or make your own. In terms of non-meat protein sources, you can choose between falafel, tofu and cottage cheese – if you’re a pescetarian, you’re in luck, since your options double; they serve salmon, shrimp and tuna as well. If you’re craving something sweet or juicy, you can grab a tasty piece of cake made by OSLO RAW or a cold pressed juice.

With locations all over town now, it’s very easy to locate one close to you.

Image Via:  Tunco

Image Via: Tunco


Bjerregaards gate 2 a, 0172 Oslo

Neighborhood: St.Hanshaugen, Vippa

Other Branches: Frogner

Oh, TUNCO – what a treat you are. Not only is their food the absolutely perfect mid-week luxury for when you’ve been really good and deserve a reward (or really bad and need some comfort) but every time you eat here, a meal is donated to a child in need. Meal by meal – how beautiful is that?

In terms of the menu, you can choose from their ready-made recipes or make your own deliciousness. We strongly recommend “The Vegan”, which is a wonderful blend of rice noodles, tofu and vegetables in a red curry sauce topped with peanuts, coriander and lime – YUMMY!

Image Via:  Funky Fresh Foods

Funky Fresh Foods

DogA, Hausmanns gate 16, Oslo.

Neighborhood: City Centre/ Lower Grünerløkka

Other Branches: No

Funky Fresh Foods, which was founded by two swedish women who were missing vegan and vegetarian options in Oslo, is located in the same building as the Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre, DogA. Funky Fresh Foods has been in business since 2014, and unlike many other vegan and vegetarian spots in Oslo, Funky Fresh Foods serve vegan dinners – in addition to lunch, fresh smoothies and juices.

Head to Funky Fresh to enjoy a delicious vegan meal overlooking Akerselva – and if the weather is good, you can even enjoy your meal outside. We recomend going for the BBQ Jackfruit Burger accompanied with some Kombucha.

Image Via:  NoFo

Image Via: NoFo

Nordic Foodprint (NoFo)

Dronningensgate 15, Oslo.

Neighborhood: City Centre

Other Branches: No

NoFo is one of the most recent additions to Oslo’s growing plant-based restaurant scene, located in a cozy backyard in the middle of the city centre. Their mission is to share healthy comfort food with their urban community and inspire plant-based eating with a near-zero carbon footprint.

In addition to making the world a better place, plate by plate, their food is absolutely delicious. Their menu changes with the season, and all ingredients are organic and sourced from small local farms to support sustainable farming. Head to NoFo now to indulge in their current ‘Winter Bowl’ including items such as sweet pumpkin, citrus beets and cheesy potatoes topped with kale pesto or vegan aioli. Or go for a simple and delicious banana bread and a golden latte, regardless of your choice, you’ll leave feeling healthy and happy.

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